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How do I sign up? Please read first!
« on: August 26, 2013, 07:17:14 pm »
Before signing up, make sure you read the rules!

To register your clan, go to You'll see something similar to the following:

1. Enter your clan name.
2. Enter your clan tag (will be used as identifier on standings and match reports).
3. Enter your clan's IRC channel (QuakeNet server is assumed, if different please make it clear in step 5).
4. Enter your clan's website URL.
5. If you have other means of contacting please enter them in this step (i.e: MSN, Xfire, etc).
6. Enter all your clan's players by their name, selecting the region in which they reside currently (note: Turkey/Israel/the Caucasus count as Europe, for Russia see below). Remember that clans may have only  1 member marked as leader.
Note: Leaders can do anything (add/remove players and delete the clan), Vice-leaders can add/delete players and players can only delete themselves. During the last week of the freeplay stage, only leaders are able to delete any member.
7. If you need to add more players, press Add Player.
8. Additional comments or information for other players to read in your sign-up.
9. Submit the form by pressing Sign-up.

Note: Fields in italics are optional.

For Russian players: As Russia is a vast region, players from this country may be considered either European or Asian depending on their specific location. For the purposes of SCTFL and following the style of this map, players located in regions 3, 4, and 11 are considered Asian, while all other Russian players are considered European. Clans or players found abusing their locations for unfair intercontinental bonuses will be punished.

Please remember that sign-ups will be processed by the admins right before the league begins so you have until then to edit them. Once the league has begun, roster changes must be posted in the Roster Updates forum and will then be subject to multiclanning rules.
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