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Soldat Domination Cup - Introduction
« on: June 27, 2012, 09:32:00 am »
Soldat Domination Cup Introduction

Hello there! Since Kaze and Fryer hasn't got lots of time lately, I jumped in to help with the Domination Cup.

What is Domination game-mode?
Domination is a sub-mode first introduced to Soldat and coded by DrThrax, rescripted by Gizd, and it is a remake of the game mode from Unreal Tournament games.

There are two (check)points placed on the DD map, A and B. The idea is to capture (simply touch) either one of them first, then the other, and hold both points (prevent the other team from touching them) for 10 seconds to score. Teams of four players are the most suitable for an ideal DD game. The mode is gaining more popularity as people realize it's actually really fun and tactical. Additionally, friendly fire is enabled and some power ups (Vest, Zerk, Cluster and Pred) with a frequency of 1.

Promotional Video:
Simplifies my earlier explanation  (Also music's great) - Link to promotional video.

If you're still confused (for some crazy reason) about signing up:
!domon or !domadd @ #Gather.EU !

Official Map Pack:
Download Here.

Scenery Problem?
Some people are having problems with not being able to see the A and B capture points in the maps.
If you have this problem yourself, open up Soldat config, go to the performance tab and check the "Render background scenery" checkbox.

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