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How to sign up? Please read first!
« on: June 27, 2012, 09:33:51 am »
How to sign your clan up?

Code: [Select]

[b]IRC channel:[/b]

[b]Leader[/b] (Continent)
Member (Continent)

[b][u]Comments[/u][/b]: <brag sentences here>.

  • Turkey/Israel/the Caucasus count as Europe).
  • Remember that clans need at least 1 member marked as leader.
  • For Russian players: As Russia is a vast region, players from this country may be considered either European or Asian depending on their specific location. For the purposes of SCTFL and following the style of this map, players located in regions 3, 4, and 11 are considered Asian, while all other Russian players are considered European. Clans or players found abusing their locations for unfair intercontinental bonuses will be punished.
    Enter an active IRC channel that your opponent can actually find you in.

Good luck to all participants!
<Insert last bitter words>