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SCTFL 30 Rules
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SCTFL 30 Rules


* Before playing in the league, please make sure that you have read all of the rules and understand them. If you have any questions or concerns, or if a dispute arises during a match with an opposing clan that cannot be resolved, please contact the administrators.


* Bragging rights

Server Settings:

* Game style is CTF.
* Maximum flag capture limit is 10.
* Respawn time is 2 seconds. Maximum respawn time is 5 seconds.
* Time limit is 10 minutes.
* Bonus frequency is set to 0.
* All guns are enabled.
* Maximum grenades is set to 3.
* Friendly fire, realistic mode, and survival mode are all disabled.
* Stationary guns, bullet time and sniper line are all off. Minimap may be turned on.
* Min ping is 0. Max ping is 400.
* HealthCooldown is 1.
* Scripting is disabled.
* Server weapon mod is currently default 1.7.1 wm.

League Format:

* The first part of the season consists of a freeplay period where each clan is placed into a large group with every other clan. When the freeplay period of the season ends, the top 12 clans advance into a playoff bracket. Playoff rules are posted shortly thereafter.

* The freeplay period is separated into two phases of 11 days, so the overall period is of a little over three weeks. Each clan can play the same opposing clan only two times in each phase of freeplay, and any extra matches will be voided.

* To play a league match, two clans simply need to agree to play an official game. The clan that asks for the match is the Challenging team, while the other clan is the Home team. After the first match, clans rotate the Challenger and Home tags. Thus, if Clan "A" plays Clan "B" in two matches and Clan A was Home in Match 1, Clan A is automatically the Challenger in Match 2.

Match Format:

* The winner of a match is determined using the best of three rounds format. The winner of a round is the team that has more flag captures when time expires or when the capture limit is reached. If an equal number of rounds has been won by each team at the end of a match, the match is considered a tie.

* Each clan selects one map before the match officially begins. The first round is played on the Home team's map using a server selected by the Home team. The choice of color/side belongs to the Challenging team. The second round is played on the Challenging team's map using a server selected by the Challenging team. The choice of color/side belongs to the Home team.

* A third round is required if neither team wins both the first and second rounds. The third round is played on the predetermined tiebreak map (see below) using a server selected by the Home team. The choice of color/side belongs to the Challenging team.

* The default/tiebreaker maps for SCTFL30 are Rotten and Wretch for the first half,Guardian and Pod for the second half

* If a match is tied after three rounds, clans have the option of breaking the tie by replaying one of the tied maps. If the match is still a tie after replaying a map, clans may continue replaying any maps which were originally ties until a winner is determined. If both clans cannot agree which tied map to replay, the match will remain a tie. All rounds, including the original maps as well as any replayed maps, should be posted in the match report. If a match lasted four rounds, for example, then four rounds should be posted in the match report.

* SCTFL has its own map-pool. These are custom created maps by the community and the soldat default map-pack. The available maps are:

* No map can be played more than once per match (except when matches last longer than three rounds, see above), including the default/tiebreak map. This means that neither team can select the default map as its map choice.

* A match cannot begin with less than three players on each team (3v3). If both clans agree, matches can be played 4v4, 5v5, and above as long as each clan starts with the same number of players. No 2v3, 3v4, etc. is allowed unless the match has already begun and a player has dropped.

* Before a round begins, each clan must ensure that the opposing team is ready to play. Between rounds, clans have a maximum of five minutes to organize and strategize. During this time players are to remain in their bases if either team requests it.

* Pausing is permitted only in emergency situations (e.g. an AFK player or a substitution). Excessive pausing is not allowed.

* Substituting one player for another is permitted only if the incoming player is on the clan's official roster. Substitutions may be made at any point during the game, and the server should be paused if possible. The player that is being replaced should leave the game prior to the substitute joining to prevent the clan from gaining any sort of numerical advantage.

* If a player leaves the server, gets disconnected, or goes AFK, the game should be paused immediately. If the player does not return and a substitute cannot be found, the match is to be continued unless both clans agree to postpone it until a later time.

* If one clan leaves or cannot play the remainder of a match, the remaining clan wins by forfeit. Any rounds that have already been played retain their scores, but all unplayed rounds are scored 4-0 in favor of the remaining clan. If a clan forfeits in the middle of a round the forfeiting clan retains its score while the remaining clan receives a score of 10.

* Spectators are permitted if both teams agree.

Server Selection:

* Matches should be played on gather servers(use the !cw/cwna commands)

* For an intercontinental match between a European and Australian clan or between a European and South American clan, the teams should play on neutral North American server(s) for the duration of the match. Teams have the right to request that the opposing clan selects an approved SCTFL server provider for its server.

* If mixed Clan "A" uses players that force opposing Clan "B" to play on a neutral server for Clan B's map, then Clan A must use those same players (or players from the same continent) for its own maps or, if those players are not available, relinquish the choice of server for its own maps. For example, if Clan A uses three South American players and forces Clan B (who is European) to play on a neutral North American server for Clan B's map, Clan A is not permitted to then exchange its three South American players for three North American players and continue playing on the North American server for its own map.

* Intentionally selecting servers that are poor quality for an opposing team is considered dishonorable behavior and is prohibited.

Point Distribution and Standings:

* Points are distributed as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

* A clan receives a bonus point when playing the first match against a new opponent. Subsequent matches between the same two clans do not yield this bonus point.

* During the second phase of freeplay, a clan receives a handicap bonus when playing against an opponent who is ranked in the top 20 and whose win percentage is 15 points or higher than its own. Handicap points are distributed as follows: 1 point for a tie, and 1 point for a loss. Note that you only get HC, when your opponent is ranked higher in the table.

* A clan receives intercontinental (IC) bonus points when playing matches against clans from other continents. This system is based on the so called Continental Difference that is calculated by the continents of all players participating in the match. First, the Continental Difference of a player is calculated by the number of opponent players who are from another continent. The next step is to calculate the Continental Difference of a map, which is the average Continental Difference of all players participating. The final step is to calculate overall Continental Difference, which is the average Continental Difference of all maps.
In order to receive IC bonuses the overall Intercontinental Difference has to be 56% (5/9) or higher. Thus:

0% - 55,9% = +0 IC
56% - 99,9% = +0.5 IC
100% = +1 IC

Use this file to calculate your bonuses.
Please note that you don't receive an IC bonus when the match results in a tie.

* Intercontinental bonus points are only awarded for the first two match ups between clans.

* A clan losing by forfeit does not receive any points for the forfeited match.

* If a position in the standings is tied by number of points, the clan that has a better win ratio (matches won divided by matches lost) is recognized as the higher ranking clan. If there is still a tie, the clan with more wins in total is recognized as the higher ranking clan. If there is still a tie, the clan that has a better cap ratio (caps scored divided by caps allowed) is recognized as the higher ranking clan.

Sign-ups and Roster Updates:

* Clans may sign up to SCTFL at any time prior to the last week of freeplay, at which point sign-ups close for the season. A clan is not permitted to play matches until its sign-up is processed by the administrators.

* A clan must have at least three members in order to join the league. All members must be listed on the sign-up form along with their continents. In addition, at least one member must be designated as the clan's leader.

* Clans may alter their rosters at any time prior to the last week of freeplay, at which point roster updates are closed. During the last week of the freeplay stage, leaders will be able to remove members from their roster. All roster updates must be reported in the Roster Updates forum.

* Newly added members are not permitted to play any official matches until the roster update containing their information is processed by the administrators.

* A player is permitted to change their nickname, but only once during the entire course of the season. No exceptions allowed. For example, joining a clan under a different nickname or creating a new clan with a new nickname.

* A player is permitted to change clans, but he or she may not play for more than two clans in total during the course of the season.

If a clan dies it counts as a played clan for every player that has at least one played match, so pick your clans carefully

* Remaking clans is prohibited. Admins will refuse to sign up clans if they have the impression that the players simply want to reset their stats.
As a general rule of thumb the new clan should not include more than 50% of the dead clan players (including roster updates after the new clan was approved).


* Multiclanning (the process of being in more than one clan at the same time) is forbidden.

* A player is considered an active member of a clan if he or she plays at least one official match for that clan during the season.

* Multiple players from the same household who share an ISP must notify the administrators that they are indeed distinct players and not one player with multiple names. The players must wait for confirmation from the administrators before playing in any matches.


* The use of third party applications (i.e. hacks) that provide an advantage over others is prohibited.

* Fakenicking (pretending to be another player) is prohibited.

* Taking advantage of map bugs is not allowed in SCTFL. Examples of map bugs include flying beneath the floor on ctf_Voland or throwing grenades through the roof of the houses on ctf_Ash. If you are unsure if an action is considered map abuse, consult the administrators.

* Soldat modifications (mods) are generally permissible, but there are some exceptions. A mod which provides an advantage to its user is allowed only as long as the same mod does not directly inhibit an opponent. For example, altering the color of grenades/bullets or changing the textures of maps is legal, but altering the size of weapons/gosteks, deleting scenery or making scenery invisible, or adding healthbars above gosteks is disallowed because those mods would directly inhibit an enemy by preventing that player from hiding. If you are unsure if a mod is legal, it is your responsibility to consult the administrators before using it.

* If a player joins the server during the middle of a round (e.g. a rejoin or an incoming substitute), the opposing clan has the right to request that the joining player use the "/kill" command in order to initiate respawn time.

* Demos and screenshots must be taken during and after every round by every player. All players are required to keep their screenshots and demos during the whole season. The administrators may ask you on a regular basis to provide these screenshots and demos if you are suspected of abuse. Not being able to provide demos and screenshots will lead to penalties.

* From the beginning of the season until the final three days of freeplay, a match must be reported within 24 hours of being played or else it is considered void. For the final three days of freeplay, clans only have one hour to report a match before it is considered void.

* Players must play matches using their officially registered nicknames found on their respective clan rosters. A player may change his or her registered name by filing a roster update but isn't permitted to use the new name until the update has been confirmed by the administrators.

* Posting fake match reports is prohibited.

* Every player and clan should conduct themselves in an honorable fashion. Excessive crude behavior (e.g. racism, flaming, or spamming) is not welcomed.


* The administrators have the right to enforce any decision which they feel is necessary for the general good of the league.

* The administrators have the right to alter the rules at any time. All substantive changes will be posted as official announcements, and the rule will only take effect after the announcement is made (meaning no retroactive application).

* In any situation where following a rule literally would cause unfairness towards an individual or clan, the administrators may waive the rule for that situation only.

* The administrators have the right to ban players from SCTFL for offenses committed outside the league.

* The administrators have the right to alter the point value of any match.

* The administrators have the right to spectate any match.
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