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Author Topic: SCTFL12 — Winner: (SN) — Runner-up: Seals|  (Read 6093 times)
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« on: July 18, 2008, 03:29:18 am »

(SN) Soldiers Nightmare vs. Seals| Seals
Date: Sunday, 13 July 2008


Soldiers Nightmare
Bernadinhoo (SN)
Calp (SN)
Enik (SN)
RealRook (SN)


Round 1 - ctf_Dropdown2 (Seals' choice)
(SN) 4 - 2 Seals| Screenshot

Round 2 - ctf_Division (SN's choice)
(SN) 3 - 3 Seals| Screenshot

Round 3 - ctf_Nuubia (Seals' choice)
(SN) 3 - 1 Seals| Screenshot

Total caps:
(SN) 10
Seals| 6


SCTFL12 Playoff Bracket:

This season's bracket was created by alexoner

SCTFL12 Freeplay Statistics - (SN)'s Freeplay Page

Player Comments:

Soldiers Nightmare

First of all I have to say that this win is pretty much a big surprise for me.
Not because we managed to beat Seals, not because we managed to beat all the other big clans in the playoffs, not because Real Rook didn't play the whole week and Chaka couldn't play the final at all,
it was because I didn't even expect us to get into the playoffs. After the first two weeks we were like 80 points behind the last playoff spot so I doubted that we would make it. But yeah with a lot activity and
two new members - Chaka and Calp - we ranked #7 at the end of the freeplay stage. Oh why am I even talking about that stuff I guess you all know it already, anyways that really surprised me the most.
The final itself wasn't as I expected it to be, mostly because Seals didn't play as defensive as they usually do (I really was preparing for these damn czechs to do a sooper-triple-defense, damn!!!!). I guess the
best scene of the match was on Divisioin when it was 2-0 for Seals and both teams had the flag, Real Rook killed the flagger and another one of Seals and hence returned the flag. So Calp capped for us (2-1 Exclamation) and with Rook
and me still being in the enemies base we even managed to cap again (2-2). Seals managed to cap back right afterwards though... anyways that was pretty cool!! Ok, I stop bragging now!!
To end this I would like to thank those 2 czechs streaming the whole final for PRO GAMING 24 TV and the SCTFL crew for all the effort they put into this season!

All in all it was a nice and deserved win and both clans played really well. I'm glad I was able to go some way towards winning this great final, not only with the last cap on Division, but we wouldn't have won without Bernadinho, Realrook, Enik and the other guys who cheered us on.

The sctfl was for me expected to be the hardest Cw on our way, since seals are really good this season. The games were rly intense but i think in the end we had the games pretty good under control, except for division where we down 2-0 pretty early but we did well to even that game up to 3-3

Real Rook
I enjoyed the game, it was fun. I expected us to do much worse, especially on their maps. We had some hard times on division but it turned out well and we managed to tie it. On DD2 and nuubia we were pretty much leading all game and just tried not to let them cap and we succeeded! Yarr


they deserve it, we couldn't do anything, div was so unlucky for us anyway ggs

It was a very good game at everything but with bad finish for us. Guys from SN were better in every way and they deserved victory. Congratulations and see you in next season, I hope that we can be better than now.

Still waiting on deathka's comments.

Firstly, I wont say anything about that it was close or that we had bugs, lags... I think everything proceeded well but there were many mistakes we did. I'm disappointed in this match because we definitely didn't play like we did against Tba. We were very nervous mainly when we lost our best map DD2. We sent to hell our tactics and we tried to cap the flags and it was next big mistake. DD2 totally crashed for us, Division was better but we ruined it at the end and SN could tie this map. And Nuubia at last... it looked quite hopeful when I capped the tying flag but again we didn't keep our tactics. SN were better, more mentally tuned and they really deserved their victory. But we're not too sad: we're first Czech clan that went to the finals.

SCTFL12 Summary

SCTFL12 was, as with previous seasons, an enormous success. Sign-ups opened on April 15, and the league ran from April 27 to July 13 in what was one of the most surprising and unpredictable seasons on record. Despite a relatively expected and calm free play season, numerous top clans were upset in the playoffs, and when it came down to it the championship, it was anybody's game.

SCTFL12 saw about 130 clans sign up to participate in the league, with over 110 clans actually playing matches. Over 2300 matches were played during the free play period, making it the most active SCTFL season yet. This averages out to approximately 64.8 matches per day (or 2.7 matches per hour) and 20.7 matches per clan.

SCTFL12 marked the first season in which 20 clans participated in the playoffs instead of the previous 16, thus allowing several more active and skilled clans the opportunity and challenge of competing for the ultimate victory in the league. SCTFL12 also saw ctf_Steel replace ctf_Laos as the default map in free play matches.

Invictus completed the free play period in first place for the second season in a row, while Seals and OXiD took second and third place, respectively. The playoffs started on June 6 with preliminary matches between the eight lowest ranking clans. As the playoffs progressed, several expected champions were defeated, including the winner of SCTFL11, Invictus, and Expeditionary Force, who took the championship in SCTFL10.

Eventually the field was narrowed down to two clans, with Soldiers Nightmare emerging as the SCTFL12 Champion in a well-fought and well-played final match against Seals, who were relegated to second place for the season. OXiD came through with the bronze trophy after defeating their opponent Daltons in the third place match.

The SCTFL administrative team would like to thank all clans that participated in the most active season of the league to date. We would also like to offer further congratulations to (SN) on their impressive victory. We hope to see everybody back for SCTFL13!

For more information on this season's winners, see their homepage and Soldat Wiki page.
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