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February 22, 2020, 12:18:10 am
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Author Topic: let`s make it clear and fair, GL HF  (Read 1735 times)
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« on: August 06, 2018, 02:23:43 am »

                                                                     The Current State Of The Soldat


                                                                              Part one : Nosejj

You must be biased or blind to disagree with the fact that current administration is probably the worst in the soldat history for atleast what i remember in a past 10 years. One of the good examples is our fav admin nosejj  who titled himself as a community manager which made me laugh alot , probably alot of you guys dont know but nosejj with his biased unfair bans just made alot of active voiced players move to another channel atleast TWICE for a week or two a main gather channel didnt run a single +gather just becuse of him. And alot of guys dosnt know what a current " community manager" just did to solve that problem, so he just wanted to play + gather ( which were playing on secret society channel) so he asked his friend aveh to invite him in that channel to play gathers, and yet ppl who were just playing on SS gather to avoid nosejj were mad aveh invited him so nosejj just got kicked out from that gather. The point of that story that a current admin backstabbed his own channel and a titled community manager instead of just apologize to all of thoose ppl just asked his best friend to join another gather channel to play a shit. But he is gone now and he deleted his community manager status which was smart so the one cancer of the community is gone.
                                                                            Part two : d4sh
Here we go to the probably the most biased hypocritical and retarded admin in the history of the soldat, this guy is just keep banning ppl for "flaming" while he is flaming in most of his gathers if he is losing, he is banning some ppl he dosnt like for using m79/brt for a few minutes of the gather and not banning some ppl who are using m79/brt in a full time of the gather. This guy is absolutely biased about voiced players and absolutely retarded about the decisions he makes. The last update of the gathers which admins added "++"gathers because ppl were crying about they are tired of playing with rabble tier players and get fucked all the time, and ofcourse instead of just stopping voicing such a players with 0 ctf skills, he keeps voicing ppl who can atleast kill sometimes. The only ""++"" were made for some ppl to just avoid of playing with a total low skilled players who are sitting in voice because dash like them, and a good question why if the most ppl are comlaining about some players skills they still being voiced? I just will not share a trial jury`s google table to you guys just see how some ppl are making a shit votes based on nothing which makes some totally unskilled guys join voice status and fuck gathers all day around, trust me the votes are just ridiculous.
The current adminstration situation is a total shit compare to hackers/eat situation in the game.
There are 3 biggest problems atm in the game
1.Lack of players
2.No anticheat
                                                                       Part one : Devs
And lets be realisitic instead of focusing on the main problems what the new dev guys doing? Adding new textures, adding a new texts adding a new scenery, looking out to make a better menu? Are you fucking serious?
                                                                       Part Two : Hackers
Yet its a pretty dead game with like 30 players around playing this and out of toose 30 players some are hacking which is just ridiculous to hack for a win in a dead game, whatever as long as this game wont get a proper anticheat the situation will get worse.
                                                                       Part Three : Eats
Here we go to a final reason why this game is a fail for itself and will never get any new players stay active even after steam release ( that probably only keep a fully casual januz m79/brt troll tier players) just because a good players who are winning a games by his own skill wont stay in a game where the things are going so randomly and accidently. Years by years the eats in this game were getting worse and worse and tbh now this is a TOP times of the current eat situation. I personally finally decided myself that i wont play a game where half of bullets/nades are based on rng so much, this game is just dead as a competive game , i have no fucking idea what are you changing (wm/servers) i dont really know but the fact that you are only doing it worse and worse is just a fact. I personally accidently understood that  i dont enjoy this game anymore . More than half of your games are totally based on how much you or your opponents will eat which just make this game a total random and not competive anymore. The eats were all the years i play this game but the eats which i see right now are just incredible and this is definetely not a game i want to play anymore.
                                                        Good Luck And Have Fun
So the most toxic and retarded player finally quits this game and i hope you guys are happy . You can disagree with all i`m saying but i`m sure that the most of ppl in their souls know thats its a sad truth .
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« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2018, 02:35:20 am »

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p.s. remember ff low blade
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« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2018, 02:38:26 am »

nice dude

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« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2018, 03:08:43 am »

I agree with a lot of things, but not everything. You are one of the most hated players in this game because you have no fear to say the truth, your fault is that most of the times you spell it in agressive and toxic ways. But I prefer someone like that than those false players that keep complimenting people for no reason just to act kind and be popular, out of all the problems you listed here, the only one that I 100% agree is the way admins are handling voiced system. Seriously, anyone that played gathers 5 years before knows how competitive voiced gathers were. How hard it was to get voiced and keep it. I know that back there we had a lot more of active players, but you have to stop using this excuse to voice more people again and again. I prefer to sit on a waiting list to play a good match than playing unbalanced matches because someone is CLEARLY not on the same level of the rest.

If you really retires, I will miss you my friend #1 russian, but you already know that you can leave Soldat, but Soldat will never leave you!

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« Reply #4 on: August 06, 2018, 02:51:01 pm »

iks de helsik daun


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« Reply #5 on: August 06, 2018, 04:54:33 pm »

 what a beautiful day to be alive

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« Reply #6 on: August 06, 2018, 05:08:21 pm »

First of all Hellsik, you dont put interpunction signs in between spaces. ITS TEXT, EXAMPLE

Part one : Nosejj
I disagree. After I got back to Soldat after being inactive for a long time all I could see was Nosej trying to accomplish something noone has ever done in history of this game - pleasing everyone. He tried at first, he cared, but once he realized it's just impossible he gave up and started to put that stupid :stonerdog: emoji everywhere where there was an argument going on. He just gave up, that's all and you can't really blame him because I doubt it you'd reach any close level as he did with brining this game back from its knees.

Part two : d4sh
I gotta admit that at first I've been wondering who in hell gave one of the most gatherhyped-toxic player (I mean previous gathers at mIRC) admin status but I'd say he kinda matured and he's not as much toxic rn as he was back then.

In general, they suck. But I'd say its rather due to stupid rules they have implemented into a gather that are making them look like they are favorizing some players. Take playing with risky waepons rule as an example. Stats dont always cover what really happened in the game and they are being considered as a hint for everyone who didnt see a match of what had happened and who played best/worst. No gather are equal and as long as there are 3 players in team everyone of them is going to perveive a game differently. You might think that someone using m79 ruined your game while another player might think that your route-doubling fucked it up.

Part one : Devs
Throw stones at shooozza for being lying, lazy, procrastinating son of a bitch who only contributed himself to Soldat's demise but leave helloer and urakka alone. They are actually developing this game and if you'd pay attention to devteam chat or commits you'd know that. They might even fix eats if we, as a community decide how they should fix it.

Part two : Hackers
Tbh I dont really think you've got a say in this. I mean, twice or three times would be enough in EVERY other game to PERMANENTLY ban someone.

Part three : eats
Well, eats have increased so drastically that some players actually started to depend on them on occasions. Intentionally throwing 3 nades under their own feet to get boosted when enemy throws additional nades. I moved to another flat and due to this I have to play with internet going through power grid and lets just say that its barely playable. I dont really feel like playing this game until 1.8 comes out because reading someone accusing me for whining when he survives a direct feet grenade and only got boosted with half hp left is just not what i'm aiming for when i'm getting back home and want to play smth and have fun.

Back in the old day when someone more experienced told you that you suck or made a mistake you'd shut your mouth and play more to get better. Right now you just need to say that someone is toxic and you can go on your merry way sucking. Thats the one of the things that changed for much worse compared to old days.


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« Reply #7 on: August 06, 2018, 06:37:42 pm »

Yey, number one priority of this post.

See you again someday!

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« Reply #8 on: August 06, 2018, 07:12:39 pm »

Apart from some rules being applied a bit too strict to my opinion, i think it's unfair to call this admin team the worst soldat has ever seen. I think if anything they are one of the best ones we've had throughout our history. They try to be fair, listen to feedback and seem to get shit done. You should try giving constructive criticism instead of attacking people personally, it works much better.

Just take a chill pill and enjoy the game without being too much of a try hard. It's all a lot more fun that way!
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« Reply #9 on: August 06, 2018, 11:07:22 pm »

I'm sorry that you're not having a good time anymore, Hellsik.

At the end of the day we want you guys to continue enjoying the game, and we want to leave room for new people to enjoy the game as it continues to grow (as unlikely as that may seem sometimes).

If anyone has specific concerns about our server, gathers, or the community, feel free to post for the sctfl community here, but please also shoot me a pm on discord outlining what you would like to see done differently. I will personally make sure we address the concern in a well thought out manner, even if we are not able to accommodate your needs.
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« Reply #10 on: August 13, 2018, 12:12:33 pm »

Hellsik I agree with u for the first time lol. I won multiple CTF events , sctfl and srl and i literally had to beg for my voice when there were players clearly in a way lower skill level ruining your games. The quality of gathers turned to shit, I remember a true big boy gather where all 6 players were highly sklled and actually trying to win. Admins started to allow trolling and throwing in high level gathers, and on top of that started voicing low skills players to boost voice gather activity.

Everyone knows the feeling of getting matched up on a team where you have absolutely no chance to win. They imbalance of your voiced players skill made it way too hard to get a decent game. 3 pros vs 2 pros and one normal player = rape all day, it doesn’t matter how hard you play. There are players who can’t be carried. I actually started to throw games because after 5 minutes of playing my heart out on map 1 and my noob teammate can’t hold his route any time he spawns, I stopped enjoying it.

You really either need to work on a balance system or you need to re evaluate who has voice. You have voiced players who can’t compete with the others and it literally ruins the gameplay

We can’t do shit about cheaters and we all know who still is using them

All in all, you guys fucked up allowing DarDar to run soldat. What has he done other than move us from irc to discord and ruin the weapon mode? Ban a lot of people and piss a lot of people off? All he did was put the wrong people in power really.

I use to have a huge passion for this game. An addiction. I played it my whole life and I miss you guys. But now that I’m On the outside looking in I realize how much of a waste these last years of soldat have been. I wish you all the best


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« Reply #11 on: August 13, 2018, 01:38:11 pm »


Ill have to disagree, players r not scared. No one wants to play a boring match against 3 minimi's  Wink 

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« Reply #12 on: August 14, 2018, 09:26:38 am »

you can leave Soldat, but Soldat will never leave you!
I agree.
In my case, I'd love to play Soldat again, but I don't have internal motivation for it... but ye, I miss it
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« Reply #13 on: September 18, 2018, 01:09:31 pm »

So, how is it?

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« Reply #14 on: September 18, 2018, 02:56:18 pm »

Reg is definitely at an all time bad point. Gather scene seems not bad at the moment. We have even had some CW's here and there. If the game gets big again, the admin team needs to be refined for sure.

Wow. Sumich you will be missed my fellow bash bro, you were one of the reasons I continue to play this game and for all the Shit I gave you it was all meant as love. I saw you break into the aussie scene and get smashed for 3 years only to develop into a great who could hold his own against the best
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