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February 28, 2020, 06:32:20 pm
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Author Topic: A reminder about pre-qualification rules  (Read 496 times)
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« on: June 19, 2016, 01:19:58 am »

We're still in the process of finalizing the entire ruleset for SWC 2016, but we'd like to give teams a little more grounding as to what they should expect when they play their pre-qualification matches.

Basically, the rules for pre-qualification matches are identical to the match rules used in SCTFC (with the obvious exception that the outcome is single-elimination). Here's a recap:

Match Rules
- Each team will pick 2 maps before the match begins. The teams will also choose the server for their maps. Side will be picked by the team that did not choose server + map.
- The team which has won the most rounds after 4 total rounds wins the match. The match will not always go to all 4 rounds though. For example, if a clan wins the first 3 rounds, they have already won the match. On the same token, if a clan wins 2 rounds and ties the third, it is impossible for the opposing clan to win or tie after 4th round, therefore that clan has already lost the match and a fourth round is not necessary.

- The rounds can be played in any order. However, if there is any disagreement, the team with the higher priority in the cup will choose whose map is played first. After that, clans will alternate playing each other's maps until all 4 rounds are played.

- Neither team can pick a map more than once. A clan can pick the same map as their opponent picks. For example, Clan A picks ctf_B2b and ctf_Laos, Clan B can pick ctf_B2b and ctf_Voland. However, they can't pick ctf_B2b twice.
Each clan will choose 1 extra map, so a total of 2 more rounds will be played. Server and side selection rules from above still apply. If there is still a tie after these 2 extra rounds have been played, each clan will again pick another map and the process will be repeated until the tie is broken.
- A clan's tiebreaker maps cannot be one of the 2 maps they originally picked for the match. A clan cannot pick the same tiebreaker map twice either.

The "priority" mentioned in these rules will be based on the team's sign-up date. A team with an earlier sign-up date therefore has higher priority in the league than a team with a later sign-up date. Please contact an admin if you have any additional questions about the match rules.

All of the other standard SCTFL rules apply—you know the drill: use the nick with which you signed up, make sure an admin is present to spectate your match, and know that these rules are subject to revision or modification at any time under staff discretion.

Good luck!
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Ill have to disagree, players r not scared. No one wants to play a boring match against 3 minimi's  Wink 
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