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June 24, 2018, 02:51:30 pm
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 on: Today at 12:14:52 pm 
Started by eXe - Last post by RT da darkman
xionx is the best admin this game as ever seen, you guys are just bad people with 0 respect for your peers


 on: Today at 07:57:37 am 
Started by eXe - Last post by hellsik
i`v been banned for 48 hours for not coming to gather, xionx banned himself for like 8 hours for not coming to gather, he is just on the same lvl of retardness as d4sh/haste, whit admins who just keep abusing their power/ keep breaking their own rules, not banning themselves for something they ban ppl for, pathetic shits with a god syndrome

 on: Yesterday at 03:21:58 pm 
Started by eXe - Last post by Necro`
xionx for prez

 on: Yesterday at 02:54:09 pm 
Started by eXe - Last post by eXe
wtf man

 on: Yesterday at 09:25:01 am 
Started by eXe - Last post by Hecox
Gj with manipulations. If you say someone x1237897 times hypocrite or mess around with him even if you are an admin , nonetheless you will get ban. Why won't you guys tell the things fully instead of manipulating?

Also there are huge subtle differences when calling a person ''shut the fuck up''. I've seen some people called him like ''you motherfucker made me laugh'' yet they are still playing / hadn't received any banpoints.

I've never seen him shouting out to newbies like 'idiot , moron , shit' and no one ever heard about it. He calls me quite often ''shit fuck mother of shit retard '' but yet it is not offensive , it's called 'friendly teasing'.

I can even honestly say that he is the most righteous and fairest admin of them all.

It is a very well-known fact that I do have good friendship relation with him despite yesterday I've received ban from this guy (12 fcking hours) for being afk.

He never discriminates people , he doesn't treat his friends specially , he never abuses his powers...

He will not be punished and forsaken just because you guys don't like him.

 on: Yesterday at 12:41:58 am 
Started by eXe - Last post by Vinteek
One of the questions I keep asking myself.

I got silenced for saying to him "shut the fuck up". I've seen him calling people idiots, complete morons, shits. Not the kind of behavior you'd expect from an admin, especially if we'll one day have newcomers around.

 on: June 22, 2018, 09:50:06 pm 
Started by eXe - Last post by eXe
[21:35] Comebackid: Xionx is a hypocrite
[21:35] xi0nx: .mute 20m @Comebackid
[21:35] BOTNadeko:
xi0nx#6315 Comebackid#9462 has been muted from text and voice chat for 20 minutes.

why is he an admin?

 on: June 22, 2018, 06:39:35 pm 
Started by Hecox - Last post by Hecox
Ok serious answerspls

 on: June 20, 2018, 08:07:56 pm 
Started by nosejj - Last post by Necro`
 thats a real devlog!

 on: June 20, 2018, 12:34:55 pm 
Started by nosejj - Last post by nosejj
More good news with Devlog #2.

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